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NorthCalFrenchies Best Award


The NorthCalFrenchies Best Award is a chance for French Bulldog Owners to show off their Frenchies! It's simple; take pictures of your Frenchie, Upload the pictures, let the voting begin, and may the best Frenchie get the prize!

(The Application Form Is On The Bottom Of This Page)


  • All Frenchie Owners Can Participate

  • 1 Frenchie Per Owner

  • 6 Months or Older

  • Pictures (Clear and Relevant)​​

    1. Front

    2. Side

    3. Sitting 

    4. Laying 

    5. Fun 

  • Deadline To Submit Your Frenchie April 30th

  • Voting Will Start May 1st and will end May 31st


  • Best NorthCalFrenchies Award 2023 Certificate 

  • $300 Cash 

  • 3 Free Days of Frenchie Sitting During Each Visit Throughout 2023

  • NorthCalFrenchies Merch

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 After We Review It, We Will Contact You!

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