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Lilac and Tan


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A Locus - Ay (n/n) 

Does not carry the gene responsible for Fawn/Sable Coat Color.

A Locus - At (At/At) 

Has two copies of the tan points/tricolor gene.

A Locus - a (n/n)

Does not carry the gene responsible for resssive black coat color.

B Locus  (B/B) 

Does not carry the brown allele, and can never pass on the gene for brown to future offspring.

Cocoa (co/co)

Has two copies of cocoa mutation.

D Locus (d/d)

Is Homozygous for the dilution gene. Will always pass on a copy of the dilution gene to any offspring.

E Locus - EM (n/Em)

Has one copy of the allele for melanistic mask.

E Locus - e (E/e)

Carries the allele reponsible for the yellow coat color and could pass on either allele to any offspring.

K Locus - KB (n/n)

Does not have the dominant black gene, and the color pattern is determined by the Agouti gene.

Spotting (N/N)

Negative for the MITF variant associated with parti-color in some breeds.

Hair Length (L/l4) 

Has one copy of the L4 long hair allele.

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