We have a subscription list of people who are waiting for a specific Frenchie to Adopt. We would love to connect you with them or help you rehome your Frenchie/s.

Text or Call us if you have questions: (916) 257-9803



We can help you by advertising, communicating, and meeting with customers to rehome your French Bulldog/s.

Please  provide this  information in your email: 

1. Birthday?

2. Color?

3. Gender?

4. Birthday?

5. Akc, CKC or Not?

6. Vaccination record?

7. Health check?

8. Neutered or Spayed requirements.

9. Are you a breeder?

10. Parent pictures?

11. Why are you rehoming the Frenchie/s?

12. Would you like us to connect you with new owners or would you like us to communicate, pick up and meet with new owners?

13. Desired price?

14. Did you read our health guarantee?

15. Do you agree to uphold the health guarantee?

16. What city are you located in?

Send Your Info Here:


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