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Rehoming Service

My wife and I know the time and energy it takes to find the right French Bulldog and what it takes to advertise, meet with people, care for, and rehome Frenchies. 

We have a subscription list of people who are waiting for their DREAM Frenchie. We would love to connect you with them or help you rehome your Frenchie/s.

We advertise Frenchies on our Website, Instagram, Facebook, Google Ads, Yelp, Youtube, Twitter, Tiktok, Pinterest, Classifieds, and other channels.
Our goal is to give your Frenchie/s the most exposure to find them the best home! 
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Rehoming Service Form
(One For Each Frenchie)

Frenchies must be 5 weeks or older
We will contact you after your submission has been reviewed.
AKC Registered?
Are Vaccinations Up to Date?
Health Checked?
Neutered or Spayed?
Are You A Breeder?
Do You Have Pictures Of Parents?
Upload File
Upload File

Pictures play a big part in finding your Frenchie a new home. Please provide pictures that are not blurry and show all sides.

Please Upload 3-4 Pictures of Your Frenchie.

Upload File
Upload File
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Thanks for submitting!

After we review your submission and give you a call we can take care of the payment for our advertising service.

These are the Frenchies we are rehoming right now!

Do you have a French Bulldog stud or are you looking for a stud?


Have you seen our breeder's corner?
We have great resources to help your breeding program!

New Frenchie Owners!

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You have made a tough decision: "I need to rehome my pet." 

If you are contemplating this step, it is likely a difficult journey despite help from vets, trainers, and pet experts. Sometimes, the best solution for both you and French bulldogs for rehoming, as well as other pets, is to find a more suitable home that better meets their needs. 

Rehoming a pet is never easy, especially when it is hard to let go of your furry friend. This is where our pet rehoming service steps in, guiding and supporting you through the transition to rehome pets with care and compassion!

Pet Rehoming Services

"Rehoming" a pet means finding a new loving home for a pet that can no longer stay with its current owner. Rehoming French Bulldogs and other pets can be done through friends, family, veterinarians, and rescue centers. But you don’t have to navigate this alone. 

NorthCalFrenchies connects potential adopters with those needing to rehome pets, making it easier for good people to find the right pet and ensuring pets find their forever homes.

We offer non-judgmental pet rehoming services, giving rehomers full control of the process. Wanting to rehome a pet responsibly is commendable, and one day, you will look back with pride, knowing you gave your furry friend the best chance at a long and happy life.

About Pet Rehoming

Before facing the decision to rehome a pet, pet parents tend to go through a grief cycle. Some people undergo this process to avoid the training, care, and midnight potty runs that come with pet ownership.

But while sometimes this is true, it is not always the case. Whatever the reason, rehoming a pet is usually incredibly painful.

Here are some common reasons people rehome a pet.

  1. Financial Crises: Pets do not contribute to household income but require regular vet visits, food, parasite prevention, dental care, and more. 

  2. Medical Conditions Some pets breeze through life, but others face constant health issues. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you cannot meet your pet's needs.

  3. Relocation: Moving can force difficult decisions. Whether you cannot find a pet-friendly place or you are moving abroad, relocation often necessitates having to rehome a pet.

  4. Behavioral Issues Managing issues like destructive behavior or aggression can be daunting. Even French bulldogs raised from puppyhood can suddenly develop these challenges.

  5. Personal Circumstances Life changes—a new baby, a health diagnosis, a divorce, or a career shift—can make it harder to care for your pet. 

Rehoming a pet is never easy, but understanding these reasons can help us approach the situation with empathy and support.

How To Rehome A Pet

Help! I can’t find a home for my pet! That is why NorthCalFrenchies is at your service.

Here is how you can rehome a pet and help your furry pal find their forever home.

  • Tap into Your Network: Ask friends and family if they are interested in adopting your pet.

  • Seek Shelter: Contact local shelters or rescue organizations for advice or to see if they are accepting pets.

  • Vet Wisdom: Consult with your veterinarian for creative ideas and support resources.

  • Professional Services: Look for dog rehoming services in your area for expert assistance.

This is where NorthCalFrenchies come in. 

Why Choose NorthCalFrenchies?

Kindness for All

We believe every pet deserves to be safe, loved, and respected. Thus, NorthCalFrenchies strives to empower those who need to rehome a pet without judgment, ensuring a compassionate experience.

We Advocate For Adoption

Adoption is at the heart of our mission, reducing the demand for puppy farms in the case of French bulldog rehoming and otherwise, industrial-scale breeding, illegal pet imports, and other forms of exploitation and abuse.

Responsible Pet Rehoming Services

We champion rehoming with responsibility, never rushing or taking risks. Our goal is to find the perfect match between adopters and pets, always prioritizing pet welfare.

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