My wife and I know the time and energy it takes to find the right French Bulldog and what it takes to advertise, meet with people, care for, and rehome Frenchies. 

We have a subscription list of people who are waiting for their DREAM Frenchie. We would love to connect you with them or help you rehome your Frenchie/s.

Text or Call us if you have questions: (916) 257-9803

We advertise Frenchies on our Website, Instagram, Facebook, Google Ads, Yelp, Youtube, Twitter, Tiktok, Pinterest, Classifieds, and other channels. Our website has an average of  7,000 monthly visits. Our goal is to give your Frenchie/s the most exposure so that we can find them the best home! 
Rehoming Service Form
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Frenchies must be 5 weeks or older
We will contact you after your submission has been reviewed.
AKC Registered?
Are Vaccinations Up to Date?
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Neutered or Spayed?
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Pictures play a big role in finding your frenchie/s a new home. Please provide pictures that are not blurry and show all sides.

Please Upload 3-4 Pictures of Your Frenchie.

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Thanks for submitting!

French Bulldogs Rehomed By NorthCalFrenchies:

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