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Is It To Hot For Your French Bulldog?

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

As Spring slowly turns into Summer, dependent where you are in the world, Summer months can have a big effect on your French Bulldog. They do their best to care for us in their own special way, and we can take the necessary steps to care for them. Because your Frenchie has a shorter snout, causing them to snore, snort, look adorable, and so much more, this also keeps them from cooling themselves off in hot places. ​​This face-style is known as brachycephalic–meaning it is a “short-nosed” breed.

What does it look like when your French Bulldog is over heating?

As a dog’s temperature rises, blood rushes to the surfaces of the tongue, gums, and membranes to help transfer excess heat. Dogs do not sweat like humans do, they can sweat from the paws and their mouth and nose transfer heat from the body. Frantic panting, lots of salivation, bright-red membranes, and labored breathing are clear warning signs that your dog is overheated and may quickly progress to a metabolic meltdown as his or her temperature rises to over 106 F and he or she can no longer cool themselves. This fan with a spray bottle can come in handy during these dyer moments. Deluxe Handheld Battery Powered Water Misting Fan

Brachycephalic dogs—with shorter, pushed-in muzzles, shortened facial bones, and noses that are pushed in and upward—tend to be more heat-sensitive, and their airways can be less efficient at moving air in and out of the lungs and thus more susceptible to overheating. Grebe warns, “Anything that causes brachycephalic dogs to breathe harder places additional stress on their airways, whether it is overheating on a hot day, excitement that causes panting, or exercise that increases the oxygen demand of their muscles, requiring more strenuous breathing.”

Two areas to watch out for during hot days.

1. Walking your French Bulldog on hot asphalt.

When the air temperature is at these levels the asphalt has been measured at this temperature.

Temperature Asphalt

77 Degrees 125 Degrees

86 Degrees 135 Degrees

87 Degrees 143 Degrees

At 125 degrees, skin destruction can occur in 60 seconds. An egg can fry in 5 minutes at 131 degrees.

The best way to check if the asphalt temperature is safe for your FRench Bulldog is to press the back of your hand firmly against the asphalt for 7 seconds to verify if it will be comfortable for him or her.

2. Leaving you Frenchie in the car during a hot day.

We would never recommend to leave your Frenchie in a car during a hot day (Even if your windows are cracked open)! These are the temperature comparisons between temperature outside and temperature in the car.

Outside Your Vehicle Inside Your Vehicle

70 Degrees 95 Degrees

75 Degrees 101 Degrees

80 Degrees 110 Degrees

85 Degrees 117 Degrees

90 Degrees 124 Degrees

How to Avoid Your Dog Overheating

  • Ensure that your dog has fresh water and shade, with short periods outside in hot weather. Check out a handy togo water bottle for your pet! Dog Bottle

  • Acclimate your dog to hot weather gradually and don’t exercise him on hot, humid days. Conditioned sporting dogs, even water retrievers, can overheat if the water is warm.

  • Make sure your home is cooled on warm days. Install a temperature alarm in your motor home, van, and house that dials your cell phone automatically. Dogs have been lost when air conditioners or power failed unbeknown to the owners.

  • Don’t place a crated dog where there is inadequate ventilation in warm, stagnant air under tents or in poorly ventilated buildings.

  • Carefully observe elderly dogs, those that are chronically ill, or pets with respiratory inefficiency.

  • Be vigilant with hairdryers anytime, especially cage dryers.

  • Although a dog’s coat can provide insulation, double coats make a dog more vulnerable to overheating and dark coats absorb heat faster in the sun.

  • Do not leave your French Bulldog in your car during a hot day.

  • Make sure you are aware of the asphalt heat when walking your Frenchie.

Learn more ways to care for your French Bulldog! Click "HERE"

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