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Do French Bulldogs Shed?

Updated: Mar 21

Quick Answer:

If you are planning on keeping a pet in your house or apartment, chances are you have to deal with unwanted hair on your floor or furniture: it’s just part of the package! In this blog I will do my best to help you keep the shedding as low as possible.

French Bulldogs and Shedding…

You might think Frenchies with their short and smooth coats don’t shed much. The truth is actually far from that: most Frenchies tend to shed all year long and even more so during warmer months.

French Bulldogs have short fur and compared to other breeds, their shedding is not as noticeable. I have a cream female frenchie (Honey) that stays in the house for most part of the day. To be honest we don’t notice her fur on the furniture or on the floor. But when we wear darker clothing we can see the fur. My wife and I joke around when we go places without Honey saying that we brought some of her with us.

Way Too Much Shedding?

Change In Weather

There are times in the year when there is a transition from hot to cold or cold to hot months, we notice more shedding than usual. This is common for dogs in general and your frenchie is not an exception. We all know frenchies do not do well in the heat or in cold temperatures (Read my blog about this topic), the shedding or adding of fur will help them adjust. Here are a few tips in keeping the shedding low during this time.

Needed Vitamins

Your frenchie could be losing fur because of insufficient vitamins and minerals that they aren’t getting from their daily diet. Always look for a premium dog food with high protein content, and if one food doesn’t work out don’t stop searching until you find what works best for your fur baby. We all know the raw food diet is the best option. It does add up in cost, time, and energy but there is no way around it. As you consider your food options, there are multivitamins that can help give what your frenchie’s system needs. We use this for Honey and highly recommend it! Natural Dog Company Skin & Coat Chews


Another thing that could cause excessive shedding in Frenchies is allergies. Whether it’s an ingredient in their food (like chicken), some sort of medicine or something in their environment (like a new detergent), your puppy may react to it by shedding if they are allergic.

Ask yourself these questions:

1. The first thing is to see what has been changed recently: washing detergent, diet, or a new place you take him or her too?

2. If you can’t think of anything, the best tip is to change to super premium hypoallergenic dry food.

3. If that doesn’t help either, contact your vet, and they can prescribe needed medication.

Frenchies are amazing and we can’t live without them! One thing we will have to deal with is shedding. I hope these steps can help minimize the shedding and keep you and your frenchie happy! Check out our other blogs for more frenchie care or visit our frenchie care tab.

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