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New Frenchie, Now What?

Updated: Jul 10

There is nothing like the feeling of getting a new puppy! When the day comes and you are on your way home with your new furry family member; this is where reality hits. Hopefully you read our blog about getting a new Frenchie to help you prepare for this moment. In this blog, we put together a list of things to better prepare you and make this transition in your life as smooth as possible.

This is an exciting experience for us but can be a stressful one for the puppy. They are going to a place they don’t know, with a person they don't know. But there is hope. What can help is something they are familiar with such as a toy or a blanket and lots of love, their separation anxiety will pass.

It's important to keep the puppy pad training going as soon as possible. It depends on how disciplined you are. The puppy will be overwhelmed with the new smells, people, and environment. It is best to find a place to keep him/her with puppy pads, bed, water, and food bowl for most parts of the day for them to adjust. After a week or so the barrier can be taken away and the puppy can roam around the house and then come back to their place to go potty. They usually go potty 10-15 minutes after they eat. As they get older they can go to the bathroom outside when you let them out.

Working with many French Bulldog Breeders and Owners, along with owning French Bulldogs, here is a list of things we would recommend you get for your puppy. You can use it as a checklist at the pet store or order directly from Amazon. Frenchie Essentials Checklist

Remember puppies are like children and get their noses into everything. I wouldn’t recommend that they play with dogs/cats that are not yours or go outside until they are 15 weeks and/or have all their vaccinations.

It is important to know what food brand your puppy is eating and to have some ready when needed. If you choose to go with your own brand of food, make sure to blend the food he/she is eating. Half of the old food and half of the new food for a few days. The difference in nutrition, sodium, and quick food change can have a bad effect on the stomach. You will need to monitor their eating and adjust as they get older. Their stool will become wet when they are eating too much or they can throw up the kibble when it expands their stomach. Wet food is ok but not too much because the stool will become wet.

Treats are a good form of positive reinforcement. Take it one step at a time. See how the treat affects your puppy’s stomach. If he or she is having wet stool for a long period of time, it’s time to try a different type of treat.

The raw food diet is always the best choice but it can be pricey and time consuming. There are lots of great recipes online. There are also pre-made raw foods that can be delivered to your home. We recommend “Ollie

The best temperature for your new puppy is between 73-76 degrees.

Just a heads up. Puppies have a sensitive stomach, so too much play on the grass can cause a rash.

It is a good idea to schedule a veterinarian visit for a second look to clear his or her health. They may need some vaccinations and a parasite check. This is a great opportunity for them to experience riding in a car, meeting and interacting with new people.

Pet Insurance is very important at this age. Here is a link to a pet insurance where you can get a free quote and see if it works for you. Pet Insurance.

In any case we can't be prepared for everything and that’s ok. Things will come up and you can take it one step at a time. After a week or so you will become a natural. We offer lifetime pet care. If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate. Call, text, email, or facetime us!

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